A civil march for peace from Berlin to Aleppo

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We started on: 26. December 2016 in Berlin. Now we are in Lebanon.
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It's time to act. We can not just sit and do nothing. We can't live our everyday life like nothing has happened. We are not powerless, because we are far too many! We are going to from Berlin to Aleppo along the so-called “refugee route”, just the opposite direction.

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Why do you want to do this? Why to Aleppo? Why should I join you? What happens when you get to Syria?
We know you have a lot of questions. Have a look at the answers we've prepared based on your most frequently asked questions.

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Yes, you too can help.

If you can't join us but still want to support the March, please donate to our cause. We urgently need to pay for medicines, insurances, equipment and all those little-big things without which our event will be impossible. Will you help us?

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October 4, 2017


September 4, 2017

Happy thinking!

August 4, 2017



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