Sabra – in Beirut (Lenanon)

October 4, 2017


Some people in Beirut say: “Don’t go to Sabra! Sabra is dangerous, dirty and full of the refugees.”

Well… So we went. With our flags, leaflets, smiles and our message.

Sabra/Shantila is a refugee camp, orginally set up for 3000 Palestinian refugees in 1949.
It’s also a place of a tragic massacre in 1982 (when in just 2 days between 760 and 3500 civilians were slaughtered).
It’s a grey and crowded neighbourhood of Beirut, which since the beginning of the Syrian war is swollen with Syrians. How could we not go there?

We slept in a room of an amazing family from Aleppo. We hugged and talked by google translate. Little Mohammed would like to become an architect to rebuild Aleppo one day. Inshallah!

After many nice hours together, only some sounds of shooting in the middle of the night reminded us, how difficult the life is here. The kids didn’t even wake up.

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