Next Stop: Lebanon!

July 21, 2017

After crossing Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece, it’s time for the next step.
This will be the end of European part of #CivilMarchForAleppo. In upcoming days we will take a boat to… Lebanon.

We would like to thank all the countries, we crossed until now!
All the people who helped us, all the authorities giving us the permission for demonstrating our values, all the police, securing us on the roads. Without all this support, the last half a year would be impossible! Thanks a lot!

We are still in the process of planning the exact route in Lebanon (with support of the authorities), so the plan and the map we will publish as soon as possible. But for now: we will arrive to Beirut around 23rd July. We would like to spend few days on the preparations, washing our clothes, resting a bit and then start marching again from 29th July on!

We are really looking forward to all, who want to join us until the Syrian border! (it will take around 8 days) All the new marchers, all the old marchers – this is the very last call for you!

See you in Beirut!

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