A goal.

July 22, 2017


The sun is shinning bright, just like it has, virtually every day in the past weeks. A fresh breeze is blowing through the leaves of the trees, while we walk down the winding paths to the shores of Galazio beach – a white flag in one hand, a red rose in the other. When we reach the cliffs, a picturesque sight unfolds in front of our eyes of tiny houses built into the rocks next to crystal clear water.

However, the sight turns sore, when our eyes meet the numerous wrecks of rubber boats and leftover life-jackets, which are scattered all over the beach. They remind us of the countless people who crossed the Mediterranean in the hope of escaping the horrors of wars, which they had to face at home. They also remind us that many of them did not make it all the way across the sea.

Yes, we’re being told by Katina, a local resident who has been receiving refugees for 15 years, also the very beach we’re standing on right now became the witness of a tragedy when a boat capsized only few meters away from the shore.

And so, we lay down our roses into the sea, in which so many people have lost their lives. We sit in silence in the sand and we remember. In the end, we stand up with strength and determination.

The water is crystal clear and so is our goal, to finally put an end to these sufferings of war.


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